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For the week of February 7th 

Charts organized

Chart Number - Artist - Record

Top 30 

Rank    Artist    Record    Label
1    YOUNG FATHERS    Heavy Heavy    Ninja Tune
2    SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE    22 (Twenty Two)    Leisurephonic
3    BALK    Bulk    Red Palace
4    MURDER CAPITAL, THE    Gigi's Recovery    Human Season
5    TONY VENUTO    20 Years    Self-Released
6    RIKAS    Goodbye Sunshine [EP]    Humming
7    ROYEL OTIS    "I Wanna Dance With You" b/w "Kool Aid" [Single]    House Anxiety/Ourness
8    BEGONIA    "Married By Elvis" [Single]    Birthday Cake
9    SOMEBODY'S CHILD    Somebody's Child    Frenchkiss
10    MARBLES    Humour    Playground
11    LOVE BUZZ, THE    Here Comes The Scum    Self-Released
12    ANIMA    Not At This Time    Self-Released
13    GIGANTIC HAND    March    Down Peninsula
14    PAUL JACKS    Amphibious    Tritone
15    ARCS, THE    Electrophonic Chronic    Easy Eye Sound/Concord
16    HUNK    Hunk II    Old Soul
17    GET RIGHT BAND, THE    "Hell Yes Refresh" [Single]    Head Heart And Hips
18    BEDDY RAYS    Beddy Rays    Self-Released
19    SAM HUBER    "How Insensitive" [Single]    True Groove
20    STACKS, THE    Lay Me Down To Rest    Feels So Good
21    WE ARE SCIENTISTS    Lobes    100%
22    BLONDSHELL    "Joiner" [Single]    Partisan
23    GLOSSER    Downer    Self-Released
24    MOSS, THE    Insomnia [EP]    S-Curve/Hollywood
25    ALEXIS EVANS    Yours Truly    Record Kicks
26    MEGADOSE    Heating Up    Self-Released
27    CIRCA WAVES    Never Going Under    Lower Third/PIAS
28    ANIMAL SCREAM    "Cannibals" [Single]    American Hermitage
29    OPTOMETRY    "Chameleon" feat. John Tejada & March Adstrum [Single]    Palette
30    BLACK BELT EAGLE SCOUT    The Land, The Water, The Sky    Saddle Creek

Top Adds


Rank    Artist    Record    Label
1    ROSE GRAY    Higher Than The Sun [EP]    Play It Again Sam
2    SOPHIA BEL    Anxious Avoidant (Deluxe)    Bonsound
3    PARAMORE    This Is Why    Atlantic
4    SYML    The Day My Father Died    Nettwerk
5    LOSTBOYCROW    Indie Pop    Nettwerk
6    A CERTAIN RATIO    "Samo" [Single]    Mute
7    HEY HEY MY MY    High_Life    Vietnam
8    WAEVE, THE    The WAEVE    Transgressive/PIAS
9    MISS GRIT    "Lain (Phone Clone)" [Single]    Mute
10    UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA    "Layla" [Single]    Jagjaguwar

Folks Charts

Rank    Artist    Record    Label
1    MIRABELLE    Flickering Lights [EP]    Simone
2    ERIC SELBY    Dang Fool    Soul Stew
3    PEARLA    Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming    Spacebomb
4    KASSI VALAZZA    "Watching Planes Fly By" [Single]    Fluff And Gravy
5    BABITHA    Brighter Side Of Blue    Self-Released
6    JAMES HOULAHAN    Beyond The Borders    Self-Released
7    RATTLESNAKE MILK    Chicken Fried Snake    Feels So Good
8    PEACH AND QUIET    Beautiful Thing    Self-Released
9    CARLETON STONE    Papercut    Turtlemusik
10    MARY MIDDLEFIELD    Thank You Alexander    Self-Released

\Electronic Chart

Rank    Artist    Record    Label
1    YOTTO    Growth    Odd One Out
2    AMTRAC    Extra Time    Openers
3    LOU TIDES    Infinite Loop [EP]    Self-Released
4    BONOBO AND JACQUES GREENE    "Fold" [Single]    Outlier
5    MATVEI    "DO MAR" (Kolter Remix) [Single]    Kitsune
6    SELINA MARTIN    Time Spent Swimming    Self-Released
7    OVERMONO    "Is U" [Single]    XL
8    WEVAL    "Don't Lose Time" [Single]    Technicolour
9    MAYFLY    HIDEAWAY Vol. 1 [EP]    Duprince
10    CHROME SPARKS    "You Are Love" [Single]    Counter

Hip Hop Charts

Rank    Artist    Record    Label
1    HINT    Retakes [EP]    Tru Thoughts
2    WASIU    CANDYLAND    Self-Released
3    ADI OASIS    "Multiply" [Single]    Unity
4    KARI FAUX    "Me First" [Single]    Drink Sum Wtr
5    HAVIAH MIGHTY    "Room Service" [Single]    Self-Released
6    LIL SEYI    "Leather Free Seats" (Mosey Remix) [Single]    Kitsune
7    SNOTTY NOSE REZ KIDS    I'm Good, HBU?    Distorted Muse
8    SHORTEE BLITZ    "ON GOD" feat. Royce Da 5’9”, Durrty Goodz & Miss R Lee [Single]    Low Key Source
9    CENTRAL CEE    Let Go [EP]    Self-Released
10    CHAMP72    Chins [EP]    BSB

Jazz Charts 

Rank    Artist    Record    Label
1    PLANET D NONET    Blues To Be There, A Salute To Duke Ellington    Eastlawn
2    JOE CHAMBERS    Dance Kobina    Blue Note
3    SUSIE BLUE AND THE LONESOME FELLAS    Blue Train    Seraphic
4    FALKNER EVANS    Through The Lens    Consolidated Artist
5    MAL WALDRON    Searching In Grenoble The 1978 Solo Piano Concert    Tompkins Square
6    MARK ORTWEIN    It Was Time    Terra Voce
7    JOHN DI MARTINO    Call Me Irresponsible    Night Is Alive
8    DAVE OKUMU AND THE 7 GENERATIONS    The Intolerable Suffering Of (The) Other [EP]    Transgressive/PIAS
9    DONALD BYRD    Live: Cookin' With Blue Note At Montreux    Blue Note
10    BEN WOLFE    Unjust    Resident Arts

World Charts 

Rank    Artist    Record    Label
1    GO TEAM, THE    Get Up Sequences Part Two    Memphis Industries
2    Y LA BAMBA    "Dibujos De Mi Alma" [Single]    Tender Loving Empire
3    DAVID WALTERS    "Di Yo" [Single]    Six Degrees
4    BAABA MAAL    "Agreement" [Single]    Marathon
5    PAHUA    "La Cura" (Dieguru Remix) [Single]    Nacional
6    BINARY SUNSET    Trans-En-Provence [EP]    Oh, Sister
7    ACID ARAB    Trois    Crammed Discs
8    YADAM    "Nada Es Seguro" [Single]    Nacional
10    ALTIN GUN    "Rakiya Su Katamam" [Single]    ATO

Chill Chart

Rank    Artist    Record    Label
1    APPLESAUCE TEARS    Artifacts    Black Cottage
2    POLE    Tempus    Mute
3    NOSAJ THING    Continua    LuckyMe
4    HAMMOCK    Love In The Void    Self-Released
5    ROBBIE AND MONA    "Sensation" [Single]    Spinny Nights
6    SAMWOY    "White Dog" [Single]    Hidden Ship
7    GHOST ORCHARD    Rainbow Music    Winspear
8    MOUNT KIMBIE    Die Cuts/City Planning    Warp
10    MICHRYC    Under The Surface    Cold Busted

Heavy Charts 

Rank    Artist    Record    Label
1    DISTANT    Heritage    Century Media
2    ANZILLU    Ex Nihilo    M-Theory
3    DARLING FIRE, THE    Distortions    Iodine
4    ENFORCED    "Ultra-Violence" [Single]    Century Media
5    OVERKILL    "The Surgeon" [Single]    Nuclear Blast
6    UNEARTH     "The Retched The Ruinous" [Single]    Century Media
7    JESUS PIECE    "An Offering To The Night" [Single]    Century Media
8    IN FLAMES    Forgone    Nuclear Blast
9    FIREWORKS    Higher Lonely Power    Run For Cover
10    DARK PRINCESS    Phoenix    Out Of Line

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